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3 Tips You Should Consider Before EVER Planning a Color Race (5K, 10k, etc)


Women running at color run event by Captain Colors

Whether would like to celebrate a special event, you are trying to raise money for charity or simply love running, coordinating a color race could be a challenge that is really exciting. If you are trying to collect a rainbow 5K, half marathon, or fun run, here are some things to bear in mind.


1. Have A Unique Angle To The Event

Decide what's going to make your race unique! Is it geared towards kids? Does this have a holiday theme? One solution is to host a color race, where participants could be sprayed, sprinkled, or splashed with many different stunning colored powders and liquids. You may shake up things a bit by having a UV color race at night, or by color coordinating your powders to match group or company colors. And if you would like help planning an event or locating the ideal supplies, don't hesitate to contact us here at Captain Colors.

2. Check Out The Local Laws

First of all, be certain you work with local governments. They can help you learn about the rules and regulations that your municipality may have for other events and races. They can assist you with determining a date and a place, since the last thing you need is to find out will be shut. Based on where you live, you might need to get approval.


2. Get The Registration Right

Be sure you have a registration system set up. People are more inclined in the event that you provide online registration to sign up, but determine that their registration was lost and no one wants to get to the race. Be certain you have sufficient staff so that they won't be overwhelmed if you are going to supply registration. Also choose a registration fee; you do not need it to be so high that people are discouraged from enrolling, but you do need it to pay your costs (and make additional money, if you are hosting a fundraiser).