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5 Steps To Taking AWESOME Photos Of Holi Powder


Girl at Holi festival by Captain Colors

Because you may not be able to attend the Holi Festival in India, does not mean that you have to miss your chance at some amazing photos!

The excellent part is that once you have perfected your powder photographs game you're able to simply take it outside the party of Holi. Nothing provides motion from fashion shoots into portraits of dancers and athletes, to life such as fantastic powder work.

Here are five guidelines to crafting amazing, colorful, Holi-style photography into your own backyard. Keep in mind this isn't about staying clean it's all about shooting a few awesome photos and if you use the true item or flower be prepared to be completely covered.

1. The Toss

Throwing the powder may be the most easy way to create it fly. Since it'll soon be hard to throw off the powder and take the picture at the exact identical moment You're going to need an additional set of hands. It's ideal to have the powder thrown from behind the subject and for an even scattered throw take to working with a dustpan.

2. Shake and Take

Cover with powder and then all they have to do is send and then shake it flying from the air, and you can start snapping images.

3. Use a Dark Background

In other words simply glowing colors appear better with a dark backdrop.

4. Light it up

You will require to make use of a flash at front and lights, if it is dark. Your shot being lit on both sides will the catch of all the magnificent powder. In case you never possess any lights keep the wax between your flash and also another source just like the midday sun.

5. Freeze Time with Fast Shutters

Once the powder is in the air, shutter speed is best for any action taken and is likely to make a difference. The shutter speed modulates how long it will take the photo a shutter doesn't allow moving items time that is enough to blur.

With this advice you should be able to capture a few fantastic and colorful powder photographs.