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Everything You Need to Know About Color Run Powder Safety

color run powder

You've likely seen advertisements for color run events. These running events encourage fitness, fun, and camaraderie combined with the joyful tossing of colorful powder in celebration. The results are beautiful. 

After seeing photos of some of these events, you may have decided that it's time for you to sign up and participate.

The color run powder looks fun, but is it safe? Where does it come from and how is it made? What if it gets in your eyes or mouth? Will it come out of your clothes?

Read on to learn more about color runs and the powder that is such an important and memorable part of these events. 

What Is a Color Run?

Color runs take place all over the United States and are fun for all ages. They are inspired by Holi, a spring festival celebrated in India with Hindu roots.

Today, people of all religions enjoy this event that celebrates the triumph of good over evil as springtime emerges each year.  It is, in general, a time of great happiness, and it has been enjoyed by many since at least the 4th century BC

Organizations organize color runs in communities all over the nation. Some are high school fundraisers; others are simply community gatherings for runners to participate in and enjoy. Most frequently, they are five kilometers in length.

Color runs usually provide some of the color run powder to participants but many of the runners bring their own along with them as well. 

Is Color Run Powder Safe?

Some people are hesitant to participate in a color run because they are not sure if the powder is safe. Color run powder is made from cornstarch and food-grade dye. It is safe for human consumption; however, most people will avoid eating it because it does not taste very good.

Color run powder won't hurt your eyes, but it may be uncomfortable for some. Some people choose to wear sunglasses or goggles during color runs to keep the powder out of their eyes.

People who have asthma or other breathing issues like allergies might wish to take additional precautions when participating in a color run. Inhaling the powder is safe for most people, but the small particles may exacerbate existing issues. A bandana or other face-covering can help.

Color run powder is not flammable. It is made from common kitchen staples and it will not ignite. 

Will Color Run Powder Stain?

The powder used in color runs often comes out of clothing easily, but sometimes it's difficult to get it out completely. Its removal depends on a number of factors such as the temperature of your washer and the detergent you use.

Your best bet is to wear clothing to a color run that you don't mind getting a little colorful just to be on the safe side.

Color run powder also will not stain your hair. However, if you have light hair, the color run powder from your run may be visible in your hair for several washes.

Happy Running

A color run is a wonderful and exciting experience that you will remember for years to come. Color run powder is so fun to throw and you'll love how you look when you are covered in it from head to toe. It is safe, so go for it! 

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