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Fundraising With A Color Powder Event

People at fundraising event with color powder by Captain Colors

Make your fundraising event, memorable, and enjoyable with Captain Colors is easy!

Our clients have seen great results using our products in combination with their fundraisers. Captain Colors has what your occasion is missing - bold color!

Captain Colors provides any event with an amazing element. Adding vibrant colors to your event gives your audience more reasons to join, remain, and above all, donate. With Captain Colors filling the atmosphere your fundraising event is history in the making!

Imagine how happy the audience will be if they see people throwing clouds of colored chalk powder from the atmosphere. Can you find those colored hues? Those color-stained clothing and faces make for the shots. Everybody leaping is dancing, and enjoying the moment.

Encourage participants to donate by providing them a color experience that they won't ever forget.

Fundraising is fun with colors. Irrespective of your origin, using our goods is a excellent way. Choose from our broad range of colored powder and contact us: (832) 900-2929