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How to Use Paint Pigment Powder in Your Artwork

paint pigment powder

The United States is home to casual 5K runs called fun runs. If you've witnessed any of these, you'll have noticed that people throw pigment powder all over one another before, during, and after the race. This is the same type of pigment used during the Holi Festival.

These pigments are so vibrant and full of color, and as an artist, you might be wondering if you can use these pigments for painting. Well, it turns out, you can! Here's how to use paint pigment powder in your artwork.

Mix It With Acrylic Medium

When you get your hands on some paint pigment, you can always mix it with a wet acrylic medium. Make sure when you do so, you wear some kind of mask, as it can irritate your respiratory system if you keep breathing in the paint pigments.

Use Tempera

Tempera is a very old-school way of mixing pigment paint to be usable for art. This is where you put the pigment together with egg yolk.

The result is something made with completely natural ingredients, especially if you use cornstarch-based paint pigment powder. This can be great if you're trying to be more eco-conscious in your art.

Use Glues

We mentioned that tempera is an old-school way that artists used to mix their paint pigment powders. Naturally, technology has evolved over time, and now, artists tend to not use tempera, but instead, glues.

Today, you can find these glues in most art stores, which makes it very easy and convenient to grab the next time you're in. But if you're looking to make paint in a pinch, then you might be better off with tempera, as you probably already have eggs in the house!

Use Gum Resin

Gum resin is another type of binder that can be mixed with paint pigments. You can usually find this at your local art store as well. So look into trying out both types of glue and gum resin.

Mix It With Distilled Water

Make sure you use distilled and not tap water; the latter has impurities and even bacteria, which can contaminate your resulting paint.

Start with a small amount of water and gradually add more to work into a paste. If it becomes too watery, you can always add more paint pigment powder to thicken it back up.

Along with tempera, this is one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to make paint. The next time you go grocery shopping, just add a bottle of distilled water to your cart.

Purchase Some Paint Pigment Powder

After reading this article on using paint pigment powder in your artwork, perhaps you're now inspired to take the next step and actually get some to work with.

In that case, we at Captain Colors have just what you need. We use a blend of cornstarch and natural colorants so you don't have to worry about irritation if you get it on your skin.

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