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How To Make Your School Events Rad!

School children holding color powder

A Recipe for Epic School Events

School events make education interesting and more fun. They permit teachers and students to mingle and add variety and have a fantastic time. When it's a "concert for a cause" or a event, such as Homecoming or a graduation party, participants enjoy singing, talking, and dance.

Captain Colors knows how to turn ordinary school activities. We do so by adding colors to brighten the festivities. We assist you with the information, goods, and services you need to make your events successful. Here are some steps our customers have followed to make school events:

1. The Right Preparation

Proper planning makes a big difference. Your preparation will act as a guide. Do not forget gather the required licenses and to post statements. And of course-don't forget to add colored powder from Captain Colors on your list of things to take your event to the next level!

2. Lively Participants

School events' purpose is to provide students and staff more time outside of school to interact and have a fantastic time. Captain Colors provides an effective way to animate the audience. An event special is made by lively crowds. Call us, if you're looking for ideas about the best way to keep the crowd engaged.

3. Pounds and Pounds of Colors

Captain Colors offers a assortment of products like neon glasses, squeeze bottles and more!

These are ideal for a variety of events:

  • Back to school bash
  • Tailgate party
  • Graduation party
  • Fundraiser
  • Sports activities
  • Themed holiday party

We also do custom school colors with a minimum order of 700 pounds. Contact us to place your order now: (832) 900-2929